Energy Provision

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Energy Provision

From the transfer of individual processes to new customer acquisition to field sales support – we replicate all processes for the energy provision industry.

We provide integrated communication channels (voice, mail, chat, fax) to the individual target audiences (small businesses, industrial customers and end consumer) and coordinate the departments involved. Our Service Centre can become the control centre of all customer related processes.

In the outbound area, we start activities for new customer acquisitions, customer loyalty and sales partner management. We also gladly support you with marketing activities such as direct and bulk mailings or email distribution.

Excellent accessibility and service quality are extremely important for potential new customers. Our staff provide information about tariffs, products and switching comparisons, send out offers and set up new customer accounts.

For existing customers we record the meter readings, produce statements and maintain master and bank data. (1st Level Support). As part of the service portfolio we also handle discount changes and general information about the organisation.

Intensively trained employees advise your customers on house moving, relocation, tariffs and all questions relating to invoicing, payment plans and account clarifications. All of which can also be handled by us directly (2nd Level Support).

We manage complaints with a solution oriented approach. We try to win back customers that have been lost using a customer retention programme to persuade them to return to you. In financial management, we control payment entry and look after reminders and debt collection.

Energy Provision