International Manufacturing

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International Manufacturing

International Manufacturing

For organisations manufacturing in the capital goods sector, we take over demanding tasks in the area of active sales support, such as market research campaigns, qualified field sales appointment making or integrated sales oriented support concepts.

With globalisation, the competitive environment intensifies in the market place and product life cycles are reduced. Also as a result of the economic crisis, identification and development of new overseas markets is a seminal strategy.

Organisations cannot confine themselves to maintain, optimise and protect their existing business area through traditional methods; new business areas have to be developed continuously. International competition forces organisations to focus on service areas, in which they can deliver top performances. That often leads to a reduced investment in value creation. Nonetheless, in order to achieve the necessary economies of scale, organisations are forced to offer their core services to larger and increasingly international markets.

Organisations are subjected to growth pressure due to capital market expectations and looming margin losses as a result of increasing resource costs. By expanding in several markets the risk due to economic conditions and life cycle related effects is reduced.

During the international market expansion, we support organisations by selecting the most profitable country markets and optimal market entry options (indirect export, direct export, own sales distribution company or overseas subsidiary).

We can also find the suitable partner for alternative organisation forms, for example co-operations licensing, franchising or joint ventures.