SELLGATE in Belgrade

In a European comparison, the states in South East Europe excel, with above average economic growth. In addition, well educated staff deliver qualitative high value work. The immediate proximity to Central Europe provides logistical advantages.

Next to the new EU accession states, the West Balkans is also organised within the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA). As a larger state, Serbia takes on a significant role as it is the only European country within Europe that has a free trade agreement with Russia.

SELLGATE d.o.o. supports foreign organisations with their market entry in South East Europe. Serbian companies are supported with their export activities. Our call centre in Belgrade delivers services for local and foreign customers alongside the complete SELLGATE solutions suite.

SELLGATE Southeastern Europe

Airport Center Beograd
Omladinskih brigada 90a
SRB-11070 Novi Beograd
Tel. +381 11 353 35 55
Fax. +381 11 228 60 16

Managing Director:
Dejan Živković
Tax No.: 107674297
Register No.: SRB 20849401


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