The countries in the Middle East offer a great business opportunity. The oil revenues of the OAPEC states enable the import of investment goods and services from abroad. There is also a strong consumer demand. Trade and mobility have always shaped business in the Arabic region. Imports have always been developed above the export of their own products.

In future, the structural change of these economies, due to declining oil production, will provide new opportunities. Dubai serves as a central hub for successful business in the Middle East and bordering regions.

The business world in the Middle East has its own laws. All businesses are carried out via a relationship network, which is difficult to infiltrate as an outsider.

Without well known members in the network, who offer an introduction, it is practically impossible to operate in the Arabic region.

SELLGATE Middle East LLC supports foreign companies with their market entry in Arabic countries, arranges access to networks and local partners. We support local companies, organisations or government departments with their export projects and find the right procurement partner worldwide.

SELLGATE Middle East

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Director Business Development:
Rainer Janzen


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